List of available experiments

These experiments have been tested to run with both Mozilla Firefox and Chromium  / Google Chrome.

Currently, they do not fit the MacOS Safari browser, neither on a Mac computer nor on an iPhone / iPad.

It has been positively tested to work with Tor but you may expect to need some time before you're recognized as a non-robot user due to the way information is randomized over the internet when using this browser...

There's absolutely no guarantee that it would work with Internet Explorer.

Some tests have been performed on smartphones too (Using Mozilla Firefox and Chromium  / Google Chrome) and at least some combinations of smartphone model / web browser will work. In case it does not work for you and you would still want to take the experiment, you should turn to a regular computer.

Further information

My name is Olivier Crouzet. You may find additional information about my work and these experiments on the main pages for this site.

This website is an interface to current experiments on speech perception that are currently investigated in our lab (LLING - Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes - UMR6310, Université de Nantes / CNRS).

Currently there's a single experiment running on this website. It is a collaboration with Deniz Başkent (University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands) and Étienne Gaudrain (Centre de Recherches en Neurosciences de Lyon, CNRS / Université Lyon 1). It is aimed at investigating how human listeners process the acoustic properties of vowels in the language. It is aimed at being taken by Dutch speakers. If you're a French speaker there will probably be some experiments that will be accessible to you in the future. Thank you for your help and time.

These projects has received funding for international mobility from: